Echoz Nominees Pty Ltd

 Is an Australian company registered since 2003.

  • Phillip J Hunter M.D.
  • Office: Parkland Drive Airlie Beach Queensland 4802
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  • Netregistry houses our internet services.
  • is the property of Echoz Nominees Pty Ltd.

The Directors handwritten version of the Ampersand symbol is in common use by other traders to indicate the often used word “AND”. This is used as a indicator for EEOLogosmall2

We the company believe in the value of  a World Wide Consumer driven Emission Trading System that would stop global warming.

 Echoz generates there online presence from Affiliates Products, Peoples Ideas, Education & Opportunities with the concept of contributing Net to Land & Human care.  

Echoz the company wants the ‘Eco to Earn’ Online!  

Conscious consumption of  ‘whatever’ will change our world by us not supporting Slave labor, High Energy using goods, Polluters etc, etc. and thinking before we buy.

We strongly endorse Eco friendly Manufacture, and Work place Human rights.


* We share 100% of our Net Profit. If you require more information please email us: