Eco friendly Rewards Start with you and your Conscious Conception of how you can help Reduce Negative Polluting effects on the Planet in your everyday life.

It is interesting that all those people and countries who are going green are becoming Wealthy, Healthy & Happy. The reward is Save Save like Win Win.

The health of Green/Brown/Natural Societies or Lifestyles is decreasing ill Health and reducing  carbon output by generating and using Solar Energies. So when you Purchase any product from anywhere you must have Conscious Conception of the Product and how much Energy the product will consume and  how you will Recycle the end Product.  Off course the less Energy your product consumes over it’s lifetime (say washing Machine) the cheaper your Electricity Account will be and the less Base Load Electricity needed. Therefore there will be less Atmospheric Pollution Generated.

Energy Efficient Appliances are a long time Saving hence a Reward.

Photovolataic Cells that Feed Back to the Electricity Grid is a Reward

Eating Healthy is a Reward.

Going Viral with your Idea is a Reward.

Being Successful with a new Opportunity is a Reward


Revoluntionary Invention

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The Reward List goes on 

Have a Look there are so many Rewards when you choose to be a

Conscious SHOPPER

& a Warrior for Recycling, Reducing and Reusing.

Our individual efforts will Help Cool the Planet in a small way, but all together it will have a big impact on the way the human race lives and collectively a positive result for Global Cooling and Human suffering will result.


That Easy

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 ‘Be Self Sufficient with your Energy’

Decrease your Expenses.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint.

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The HuB has many Opportunities that may help you Change your Lifestyle for the better.


Our Total Human Reward will be Cooling the Planet for Generations who Follow.