DIY Home Improvements

Home improvement, home renovation or remodeling


……is the process of renovating or making additions to one’s home.

DIY behavior can be triggered by various motivations previously categorized as marketplace motivations (economic benefits, lack of product availability, lack of product quality, need for customization), and identity enhancement (craftsmanship, empowerment, community seeking, uniqueness)


Get your Shed Plan Right

Now ANYONE Can Start Building Amazing Outdoor Sheds The Faster and Easier Way With My *Step-By-Step* Easy-To-Follow Plans With Detailed Illustrations…                 CLICK HERE


Pizza Is so Delicious

You can build your very own Wood Burning Pizza Oven and make the same delicious pizza as you’ll find in those authentic Italian restaurants all over the world! CLICK HERE



Get it Right

What Dish Network® and DirecTV® don’t want you to know. Professional Satellite Installer gives you the inside scoop! CLICK HERE


Declutter is Like decorating in Reverse

If you have a sneaking suspicion that CLUTTER is keeping you from having the life you deserve, then you’re absolutely right. CLICK HERE


Another Problem Resolved

Especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed and have no idea *how* to get started…CLICK HERE

Dream of creating block like rooms in your home renovation.            CLICK HERE


Build a Greenhouse

It’s time to escape the food industries poison laced fruits and vegetables and start growing them in your own DIY greenhouse.. All year round!           CLICK HERE


Easy to Follow Plans

The cost to build a pirate ship playhouse was under $1,000.00. For Plans. CLICK HERE


Fix your Own Roof and others if this is what you Enjoy

Fix your Own Roof and Others. Then you can Enjoy Sucess in your new Occupation. CLICK HERE


Fun to do with the Kids

How to Effortlessly Build A High Quality Children’s Playhouse In a Single Weekend Without Expensive Tools, Materials, or Years of Woodworking Training.            CLICK HERE


Swingset and Playset Plans

Whether you’re looking for play set accessories to spruce up your current wood swing set or going to build your own swing set from scratch, we have all the online accessories you need for your backyard play set or playground. CLICK HERE


Contractor Blueprints

Contractor Blueprints To Build $2.00 CLICK HERE


Save Energy, Lock in the Warmth & Keep out the Heat

Save Energy, Lock in the Warmth. Complete step-by-step instruction guide for making Plantation Shutters.CLICK HERE


Brighten your Windows

Modern stained glass window designs of today brighten people’s lives and improve home values. View 300.            CLICK HERE


No Bank Loans for this Baby.

This workshop covers: The step by step design process Plans for the tiny house I built Alternative designs and materials Get through building sticking points Where to get inspiration & More CLICK HERE


Basement Space Utilization



See Family/Pets Section for more info

Who Else Wants the Easy Plans to Build an Attractive & Affordable Long Lasting ‘Predator-Safe’ Chicken Coop. CLICK HERE


Really get rid of those invaders forever

Discover How You Can Easily Get Rid Of Silverfish in Less Than 1 Week and Never See One in Your Home Again. CLICK HERE


Gee These are good and Cheap

Finally get started on that garage with apartment you’ve always wanted!           CLICK HERE


Party Central Feel

Now you can build a high-quality, custom Tiki Bar or Tiki Hut for a unique, fun, and relaxing party atmosphere right in your own back yard! I guarantee it!      CLICK HERE


Design & Build your Container Home

Design & Build your Container Home. CLICK HERE


Is the Price Right?

What it takes to be successful in any contracting business, and the “Right Tool For The Right Job” has always been the choice of trade Professionals, Accountants for ever….         CLICK HERE

Bath Room Remodeling



Click & See


At Last a way to get rid of them!

I don’t have to tell you how terrible it can be to have a stink bug infestation in your home or garden. CLICK HERE


Get it right !

Luckily for you, this is a Floating Dock you can now build yourself with our floating dock plans, Just like a Professional!! CLICK HERE


Post and Beam Building Plans & Guide

The most Comprehensive Guide for buying or building Post and Beam sheds and small buildings.                CLICK HERE


Australian Way

Crazy Sale 6 Design Books for $19.70 save $100 (normal price $119.70) CLICK HERE


Garage Plans & Blueprints

Garage Plans & Blueprints. $1 Garage and Barn Plans That You Can Download Instantly! CLICK HERE


Renew Your Light Switches & More!

Discover how easy it is to learn basic wiring which can save you hundreds on electrician costs. CLICK HERE


Pool Maintenance Sense

Pool Maintenance Sense Made Affordable! CLICK HERE


Make your Kids Happy

We have put together a great set of 10 Playhouse plans and 11 training videos and book on how to build a playhouse in your back yard.              CLICK HERE


Build your Own Handrail

Are you looking for some good instructions for building a handrail or help regarding hand railings? CLICK HERE


Build your Own home Education

Learn About Home Building/Remodeling From the Pros…CLICK HERE


Green Houses, Cabins, Barns, Garages and more!

We have put together 50 complete construction sets of plans to get the building process started today for a crazy low price…” 10 House Plans, 10 Garage Plans, 10 Cabin Plans, 10 Barn Plans and 10 Misc Plans.               CLICK HERE


How Much to Fix my Roof

Work out what the Price TO BE Quoted on your next Roofing Job. CLICK HERE


Make a statement with your Home Entry

Mary and I are passionate about helping you “visualize” what your porch will look like before you build it.            CLICK HERE


How to Get this Right from the Start

Are you tired of trying to figure out which fiber glass pool and what pool options are the best for you and your family? CLICK HERE


Selection of must have home repair and improvement

training modules. Each one is instantly available

for immediate download even at 3AM on Sunday.



Dome Building Manual

Step by step explanation of DOME building method (including variations) detailed plans, sections, elevations detailed shop drawings for fabrications and more. CLICK HERE


Shed, Cabana, Barn plans

Shed plans include easy to read building plans, materials list, full size rafter templates, door & window framing details. Every shed plan is ready for instant download.           CLICK HERE


Master Contractor Lessons

Contractor’s, Homeowner’s and Do It Your selfers, Enjoy! CLICK HERE


Get That Professional Finish

You Can Learn To Paint Faux Exposed Brick Breakouts and Paint New York Loft Style Faux Brick Walls.            CLICK HERE


Out Door Tables

Discover how you can proudly build an Octagonal or Hexagonal picnic table. and save money…CLICK HERE


Get it right & it will be a feature

Let Me Show You Exactly How To Lay Flagstone Patios! Discover Tips & Techniques On How To Lay Flagstone Just Like A Professional.                CLICK HERE


Make your Concreting beautiful

Most DIY Concrete Staining Projects end in a costly mess…Follow This Guide to save hundreds or thousands! CLICK HERE


Worth while Learning

Who Else Wants Start Successful Woodworking As A Hobby Or Business And Avoid Costly Mistakes.              CLICK HERE