Low Energy Plans

Emission Remission is Using Less Energy


To decrease Energy consumption for life you need to correctly orientate your new house to the sun’s rise and fall, have a good concrete Heat sink that catches the Sun’s rays through good windows, construct buildings with eco energy efficient materials, install solar energy & other eco friendly methods then Landscape with smart planting’s. This would see you with a lifetime of ‘being cool’ using less energy  to power hungry energy demanding homes & appliances and cheaper energy costs.




The Walton would like to make renewable energy more available to everyday consumers and hopes this system is a step towards that goal. CLICK & LEARN

Reducing Base Load Electricity Generation & Demand, “which is a high Polluting money taking industry that is warming the Planet”  would help cool the Planet. Home owners by being Eco friendly decrease Base Load Electrical Generation and Pollution with the Extra Bonus for Owners, being cheaper energy costs on a weekly bases.


Heat your Home Efficiently

There is no doubt in my mind that radiant floor heat is a healthier and more cost efficient radiant way to heat your home. CLICK HERE


Your household represents the future and for your children to be educated in energy efficient living will bring EEO’s plan of emission remission  closer to reality.